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Ani DiFranco Tickets

Perhaps best known as a "cult heroine," Ani DiFranco may come off as a punk rocker, but her music is all about folk. From her deeply personal songs to her outspoken feminist views and her openly bisexual lifestyle, Ani DiFranco is one of today's most accomplished singers/songwriters.

The History of Ani DiFranco Tickets

Born in Buffalo, New York, on September 23, 1970, Ani DiFranco emerged as a guitar talent at the tender age of nine. In fact, her guitar teacher encouraged her to land her first gig, playing Beatles songs at a local coffee house and selling the first Ani DiFranco tickets. She didn't stick to music, however, and soon gave it up in favor of studying ballet. By the age of 14, however, she returned to her guitar and soon began composing her own songs.

A difficult home environment led Ani, a year later, to leave home and begin living with friends while performing at Buffalo folk clubs. By the age of 19, Ani DiFranco had over 100 original songs under her belt, and after studying art for a time, she moved to New York and began seriously pursuing her musical aspirations.

After getting numerous requests for recorded material from audiences who bought Amy DiFranco tickets and watched her perform, she decided, in 1990, to record a demo and make 500 copies; all copies quickly sold out! She then went on to found the record label, Righteous Babes, to distribute her recording, which amazingly, were in high demand across the country simply due to word-of-mouth.

Just a year later, she began touring the country and selling Amy DiFranco tickets, and her cult image soon attracted throngs of followers. Her following albums, Imperfectly, in 1992, and Puddle Dive, in 1993, were hugely successful. By 1995, Ani DiFranco was enjoying mainstream success, and her release that year, Not a Pretty Girl, earned her a considerable amount of praise from media outlets. She consistently released a string of successful albums from 1996 to 2008.

Ani DiFranco Tickets: What to Expect

Considered to be an eclectic blend of punk and folk rock music, Ani DiFranco's music is unexpected and often emotionally charged. Ani said about her music: "People expect my kind of in-your-face approach from a punk, not some chick with an acoustic guitar. I prefer the power that comes with walking on stage with a little piece of wood... that's more punk rock than making a lot of noise."

Her acoustic abilities and her wild stage performances, including stage dives and broken guitar strings, are often overshadowed by her intense songs about everything from abortion, body image, bisexuality, death and infidelity.

Ani DiFranco Tickets: Who Should Attend?

Ani DiFranco's music is said to alternate between "a smoldering warmth and an angry explosion of sound." It is said to "defy categorization by blending the forth-rightness and anger of punk rock with the simplicity, beauty, and poetry of folk music."  This makes Ani DiFranco tickets a perfect fit for anyone who likes a cup of philosophy with their folk music!

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