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Florence and The Machine Tickets

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This artist may be a relative newcomer to the music industry, but it didn't take long for Florence and the Machine to take the UK by storm. Touted as an eclectic mix of rock and soul, the vocal range of this talented singer leaves absolutely nothing up to the imagination.

Now Florence and the Machine tickets are spreading to the United States, and though only a handful of concert dates have been announced thus far, many American fans are clamoring for this musician to visit a concert venue near them as well.  Florence and the Machine tickets are sure to increase in demand as this already popular artist's star continues to rise across the globe.

A History of Florence and the Machine Tickets

Florence and the Machine tickets begin with the birth of Florence Leontine Mary Welch in London, England, in 1986. Welch attended school in England, where she excelled academically, but dropped out of college to work on her music full time.

Florence and the Machine released their first album in 2008, titled, "Lungs," which peaked at number one on the UK charts and number 13 in Europe.  The album was released in the United States a short time later by Island Records. Since that time, songs from the album have appeared in a variety of American television shows, including "The Vampire Diaries," and Florence and the Machine tickets have begun to sell well in the United States, as well as throughout Europe.

What to Expect from Florence and the Machine Tickets

Florence and the Machine ticket holders may be surprised by the power and range of Florence's voice live, even if they have listened to recordings by the artist for some time. Despite the fact that this budding artist only has a few hits to her name at this point, she sells every one with enthusiasm and drama befitting a true stage performer.

Most that purchase Florence and the Machine tickets for the first time are not disappointed with the show to which they are treated.

Who Buys Florence and the Machine Tickets?

Florence and the Machine tickets are typically purchased by a younger adult crowd who enjoys Florence's messages about love, sex and violence. Her dedicated fan base is growing by leaps and bounds, which is apparent with every full house this young musician entertains.

With just a few North American dates on the calendar so far this year, now is the time to purchase your Florence and the Machine tickets and find out what this up and coming phenom is all about!