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La Traviata Tickets

La Traviata has enchanted and fascinated people since its premier in 1853 in Venice, Italy.  Its love story and touching music arrangements still resonate with audiences around the world today. 

The History of La Traviata Tickets

Composed by Giuseppe Verdi, the La Traviata is an opera in three acts. It is set to an Italian libretto by Maria Piave and based on the play, "La dame aux Camelias," from 1852. The play means "The Fallen Woman" or "The Woman who Goes Astray." La Traviata was originally entitled Violetta, for the main character.

La Traviata was conceived after Verdi and Piave both agreed that the opera needed a contemporary setting. The authorities of that time, however, disagreed, and instead insisted that the play be set in the past, around 1700. Some years later (around 1880), Verdi and Piave's wishes eventually were fulfilled, and the opera was performed in realistic settings (i.e., the 19th century).

La Traviata Tickets: What to Expect

The opera begins in the salon at Violetta's house. It is here that she throws a lavish party to celebrate her recovery from a serious illness. Gaston, a count, arrives with a friend named Alfredo Germont, who has admired Violetta for some time. Gaston tells Violetta about Alfredo's feelings at the party, and Alfredo confirms this to Violetta.

Violetta begins to feel dizzy and leaves the room to recover.  Alfredo enters the room and expresses his concern for her ill health. He then declares his love for her. She begins to experience feelings for Alfredo, and when he is about to leave, she gives him a flower and tells him to return when the flower has wilted.

She then begins to think that although Alfredo might be the love in her life, she needs freedom.

Three months later, the La Traviata shows Violetta and Alfredo living together in a country house just outside of Paris. They are happy and in love. Soon, Alfredo and Violetta return home to deal with financial matters. Violetta receives an invitation from a friend for a party in Paris, while Alfredo's father demands they break off their relationship because she has developed a poor reputation. With great remorse, she reluctantly agrees and begins to write a farewell letter to Alfredo. She hands him the letter and rushes out.

Violetta later arrives at a party with Baron Douphol, and it happens to be the same party Alfredo is attending. Violetta asks to see Alfredo while everyone is at supper. She asks Alfredo to leave, as she fears a fight between Alfredo and Baron. Alfredo leaves, but not after telling all of the party guests of his distaste for her.

Finally, Violetta becomes ill once more with tuberculosis, and Alfredo arrives to be with her, just before she dies.

La Traviata Tickets: Who should Attend?

Anyone who wants a play filled with love, lust and betrayal will want to see La Traviata and snag La Traviata tickets. This centuries' old opera continues to captivate audiences, and La Traviata tickets continue to sell out due to high demand for the love story.

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