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Lil Wayne tickets continue to delight audiences of all ages, with plenty of dates across the United States this year. With a release of his first post-jail album, "Tha Carter IV," due in May, this is the perfect way to kick up new excitement for this popular rapper. His preceding album, "Tha Carter III," sold over one million copies in the U.S. during its first week of release, qualifying it for platinum status by the RIAA.

Lil Wayne Tickets from the Early Years


Lil Wayne was born Dwayne Michael Carter in 1982, but Lil Wayne eventually began going by his stage name as he paired up with other well-known rappers as early as nine years old.

The artist released his first solo project, "Tha Block is Hot," in 1999, which sold more than one million copies in the United States. Although his next two releases didn't sell quite as well, "Tha Carter," released in 2004, was much more widely distributed.

Since that time, Lil Wayne has continued to delight his fan base with a series of successful releases, and Lil Wayne tickets sell well at venues of almost any size.

What to Expect from Your Lil Wayne Tickets

Lil Wayne tickets provide entrance to a musical experience with high energy and plenty of special effects to go around. The young artist has come into his own somewhat quickly, thanks to plenty of natural charm and bravado that make him a star in his own right.

Lil Wayne doesn't typically stop there, however; instead, he brings some of the best and brightest onstage with him at some point during the night, whether brand new artists looking to make a name for themselves or well-known performers who can thrill an audience by their title alone. Even with others to share the stage, Lil Wayne ticket holders quickly see how the headliner earned his spot as one of the top names in the rap industry.

Who Should Purchase Lil Wayne Tickets?

Lil Wayne's somewhat dicey reputation seems to precede him onstage, with most Lil Wayne ticket holders knowing this is not going to be a show for the kiddies. While the star is sure to delight audiences of all stages, the lyrics by both Lil Wayne and others he brings onstage with him are decidedly adult. This show is typically for a more mature teen and adult crowd, so forget the Lil Wayne tickets for the younger kids and get a babysitter for the night.