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Monster Jam Tickets

Monster Jam Trucks tickets have been sold in force since this event began just a little over a decade ago. This sport is a relative newcomer to motorsports, but has quickly gained steam as one of the most important events in this category today. Read Below..

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Monster Jam Trucks Tickets: Event History

While the majority of the Monster Jam Trucks tickets are sold within the United States, there are some events going on around the world each year. The most common season for Monster Truck events is between January and March, with a culmination at the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas late in March.

Before Monster Jam, there were other monster truck shows throughout the 1990s that drove this sport into popularity. By the time the first Monster Jam Trucks tickets were sold in 2000, this sport was already highly respected in its own right.

The United States Hot Rod Association, which sanctions the events, was primarily responsible for bringing monster trucks to the forefront of motorsports. Today, the organization continues to oversee monster truck events, including the annual Monster Jam.

Memorable Highlights with Monster Jam Trucks Tickets

Fans who bought Monster Jam Trucks tickets in the first three years of the event saw driver Tom Meents and his monster trucks Goldberg and Team Meents win the competition. In 2003, Brian Barthel took the title from Meents with his truck Wolverine.

The year 2004 saw the first three-way tie in Monster Jam history, as well as the first women victor.

This year, Tom Meents and his truck Maximum Destruction shared the stage with Debra Miceli and Medusa, as well as Lupe Soza with El Toro Loco.

People who purchase Monster Jam Trucks tickets are treated to a twofold spectacle that includes car crushing in the freestyle competition and high speed races. Freestyle competitions are historically the crowd favorite, although both types of events draw in the masses every year.

As the sport progresses, new trucks and drivers are taking over the top spots in competitions, keeping these events fresh and exciting from year to year.

Who Should Attend?

Monster Jam Trucks tickets are appropriate for nearly every age and interest. Most fans love to watch these massive vehicles strut their stuff in the arenas. Keep in mind that the action is very loud, so some fans bring their own ear protection to events - particularly if they have young kids in tow. If you enjoy motorsport at its finest, Monster Jam Trucks tickets are a great option for you.