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Phish Tickets

Known for their musical ingenuity, extraordinarily long jam sessions and a large, loyal following, Phish tickets continue to pack venues of all sizes across the country. The band was originally formed at the University of Vermont by Trey Anastasio, Jeff Holdsworth, Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman. The group began playing in small venues around campus, but their popularity eventually led to Phish tickets getting sold at larger locations, allowing more and more young people to discover the different sounds Phish had in store.

History of Phish Tickets

In 1988, the group began to get more serious about their music, often locking themselves into rooms where they could play their tunes for extended periods of time. This technique has now been brought to the live stage, where the band jams and improvises for hours on end, much to the delight of their audiences.

While Phish has broken up more than once over the past two decades, the group is highly committed to their music and has scheduled numerous reunion concerts before officially coming back together in 2008.  

What to Expect with Phish Tickets

Phish concerts are rarely brief affairs, with some lasting up to three hours or more. The song lists are never the same from city to city, so every performance is fresh and unpredictable. Phish is also known for involving their audiences in the act, so if you purchase Phish tickets, be prepared to play along with the band or dance in the area specifically reserved for those who want to rock out during the concert!

Lighting is an artistic wonder, with a mix of mellow and fiery light colors that keep the mind guessing throughout the night. Despite the unique setup of each concert and the extended jam sessions, Phish ticket holders are well versed in how this band performs and are not afraid to come alongside the musicians in creating a breathtaking show.

Who Should Attend?

While Phish tickets are typically sold to the 20-30 set, it is not unusual to see a much wider range of ages and demographics at one of these concerts. Former Grateful Dead fans bond with organic young faces that can't get enough of the extended jam sessions.

Because the songs tend to be long and wander somewhat, younger kids used to bubble gum rock may not appreciate the complexities and rifts of this music. For those who grew up on classics like the Dead and the Beatles, Phish tickets might be just the thing for an unforgettable night of music.

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