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Tool Tickets

The band Tool formed in the early 1990s and were quickly noticed by the record companies and signed in 1992. Their first studio album debuted in 1993 and later went platinum in 1995, despite a parental advisory warning label on the album.

Fans buy Tool tickets to venues across the country and across the globe, but often first experience Tool's unique style at large music festivals like Lollapalooza and Big Day Out, which takes place in Australia and New Zealand.

Tool Tickets History

Tool tickets lead music fans into a musical labyrinth where seemingly contradictory sounds are mixed together to form a completely singular musical experience. Some music critics compare Tool to famous bands like Jane's Addiction, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, although Tool takes these musical influences and tweaks them into some uniquely their own. Tool also takes their inspiration from bands like The Melvins and progressive rock band King Crimson.

Tool believes their sound is the most important facet to their art, so they never release lyrics with their albums, hoping fans will focus on and appreciate their unique musical style, evidenced by the high album and Tool tickets sales.

What to Expect with Tool Tickets

Tool tickets lead fans on a journey through a blend of numerous types of music that you might not think could mesh well together until you hear the sounds of Tool. Tool's music is described as a metal band for the thinking person and features a mix of eastern and western influences, hard and soft metal sounds and songs that are both gentle and abrasive.

Each Tool album also features a unique combination of sound, making fans look forward to each new creation by Tool.

Tool shows are non-traditional in that they rely heavily on artistic video and dramatic lighting displays, rather than focusing on the band members themselves. The lighting is often directed away from the band to focus on giant video screens that never feature the same video sequence twice. This is done so that Tool's lead singer, Maynard James Keenan, can reproduce the dark emotions he used to write the songs without being in the spotlight.

Who Should Attend a Tool Concert?

Tool tickets usually find their way into the hands of a younger crowd, although many of their fans have been around since the band's inception in the early 1990s. A majority of the Tool fans are typically in their 20s and 30s, and like many hardcore metal band concerts, parents might choose to exercise caution for kids under 18 to attend a live show.


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